High-quality materials from selected manufacturers

Jacomp Oy

Jacomp Oy is a Finnish company offering a wide range of materials for various fields of industry: model and mould making, composites industry, rapid prototyping and several other industries. We import high-quality products from carefully selected, leading European manufacturers. Jacomp market areas are Finland and the Baltic countries.

Our product groups:

Model and plug making.

Model and tooling boards, epoxy pastes and coatings for small and large models and plugs.


Mould making

Silicone rubbers, epoxy resins and polyurethane resins for producting high-quality moulds.


Casting resins

Comprehensive range of resins for tooling, prototyping and small series casting, arts, wear parts and electronics potting.

Composites industry

Leading epoxy and polyester resins, fabrics and ancillaries for producing technical composite products.


Structural bonding

2-component adhesives for composite production, transportation and panel industry, industrial assemblies, plastics bonding as well as maintenance and repair.


Other products

Yacht paints from De IJssel Coatings, coatings, demoulding agents, fillers, colour pastes, trenchless epoxies and art resins.

Our Suppliers:

Sika Advanced Resins

Formulated polyurethane and epoxy based products for multiple applications and industries


CEL Components

Honeycomb and composite Panels, sandwich panels, thermoplastic honeycombs and foam cores



High-quality RTV silicone rubbers for professional mould making


De IJssel Coatings

Double Coat yachpaints, repair products, colour pastes and coatings


Composites Evolution

Natural fibers for more sustainable composite products


Entropy Resins

Green epoxies for casting and laminating


Polyester and vinyl ester resins, gelcoats and additives



Speciality chemicals for polyurethane and rubber industry


VAC Innovation

Ancillaries for composite manufacturing


Active Composite Technologies A1

Acrylic resins for architecture, design and arts


Composite Materials Italy

High-quality carbon, aramid and glass fabrics for composites

Contact Information

Sales in Finland and Baltics

Jacomp Oy

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Jukka Alkkiomäki
CEO, Sales
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Minna Enkola
Sales support and marketing

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Sales agent in Lithuania and Latvia

Compositus Ltd.

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